Little Free Library Friday – #1

Welcome to the very first post in a series that I am calling Little Free Library Friday!
Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization whose tag line is – “Take a book, Share a book .” These little libraries cane be found in many places. In front of local businesses, near the side walks of residences, parks, and hiking trails just to name a few.

Some look like bird houses, elaborate mailboxes, there are mobile ones in wagons. I have seen some that are made from old converted quarter newspaper stand dispensers, old re-purposed refrigerators, and there is even one that is built to look like the T.A.R.D.S from Doctor Who.
These little gems are meant to offer books that are accessible to everyone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Inside there is usually a mix of things – something for adults and something for kids. Sometimes there are coloring book with little packets of crayons or if there is a holiday sometimes there will be little gifts inside.

Today’s featured library is a semi-local one for me. This one is located in the city of Tustin CA.
If you would like to look it up on the world map on the Little Free Library website the charter number – 26080.

This one is located by the sidewalk of a private residence. It looks like a miniature of the house it sits in front of.
They have a small bench where you can sit and thumb through a book or maybe read a few pages.
They also have a little annex – a small rolling cart that has surplus books that the steward pulls out if the weather is nice.

This little free library is always stocked with a good variety of books for people of all ages. I have also seen coloring and activity books as well as cute bookmarks housed here as well.

If you would like to find a Little Free Library near you or would like to maybe start one you can find a world map and more information here.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a look at one of the Little Free Libraries here in Orange County, CA.

If there is a Little Free Library that you would like to suggest to be featured on a Little Free Library Friday let me know!


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