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Being the bookworm that I am I buy a lot of books.

I prefer to go to a physical bookstore to browse books. Sadly, as many of you may know we don’t really have a lot of options when it comes to new bookstores. Borders went out of business years ago as did Walden Books – I remember spending lots of time in my local mall’s Walden Books as a kid.
Nowadays I tend to shop used book stores and on-line.

The Tustin Friends Bookstore.

One of my favorite places to buy books from is my local Friends of the Library book stores. These are little book shops that are usually inside the library and the money raised through purchases go back to the library. These are great little stores in two ways.

First –  I am helping support my local libraries.

Second –  the prices are amazing! I bought a collector boxed hard back edition of the Hunger Games series for five dollars and it is in amazing shape.

Yesterday I picked up a box set of the first 4 books in Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series for four dollars.



Another great place for used books is called Bookman. I discovered them almost ten years ago when my husband introduced me to it. Since then I have been very supportive – meaning I spend LOTS of money there. They are currently in the process of moving their store to a new location so I haven’t been there in a few months. I can not wait for them to re-open, hopefully in mid-September.

They have a massive selection of books. I have picked up lots of young adult fiction (paper backs and hard backs) in amazing shape, books on world religions, history, and fiction. You can also bring books that you are ready to part with and they will give you store credit. This is usually what I do with books that are ready to leave my collection and find a new home. Sometimes I will take them to Little Free Libraries, but for those I usually take my kids or middle grade books.

Book Off is actually a used Japanese books store that also carries English books. They also carry DVD’s, CD’s, and video games and consoles. I usually buy my manga here and I have also bought a few bento box cookbooks.

On-line offerings have grown a lot over the years. You aren’t just limited to Ebay or Amazon.
I have ben introduced Thriftbooks.com. They have both new and used books, a rewards program and free shipping. The prices are VERY reasonable. I am currently waiting on an order from them as we speak. I am building out my library of writing reference books.

Another on-line book seller that I have yet to check out is Half Priced Books.

Then there are locations that are currently on my wish list of bookstores to visit –

The Strand in New York
Powell’s City of Books in Portland
The Last Book Store in LA

Do you have a favorite go to bookshop?

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