Little Free Library Friday – #2

School’s are the flagships of knowledge and learning.
I think a school is a great location for a Little Free Library .
When I was younger I was often dragged along with my mother and grandmother to the nearby elementary school to pick up older family members. Leaving me with sometimes upwards of thirty minutes with nothing to do. Having a book to read would have alleviated a lot of boredom.

Today’s offering if found on the front grounds of a elementary school in my hometown of Garden Grove, California. There are two Little Free Libraries here to choose from.
One houses a collection of picture books. A great idea for a school where I am sure there are many young siblings who come with their parents to collect their older siblings. The other houses lots of children’s and what would be considered middle grade fiction.

Something for younger kids. Helping to instill a love for books at a young age.

Charter Number -32986 – Picture Books.

Books waiting to take kids on fantasic adventures.

Charter Number – 33437 – Chapter Books

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